Volans Ultra Premium Tequila – Our Multi-Award Winning Sipping Tequila

Volans Ultra Premium Tequila Three Rivers Ranch would like to introduce our award winning brand of Tequila:  Volans Tequila. Volans Tequila is the finest handcrafted ultra premium tequila, born in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Slow-cooked, double distilled, using historical & traditional methods that are completely sustainable.  We use only the highest quality and sweetest Blue Weber Agave, and age it for over three and a half years in American White Oak barrels. We are a fourth generation family run business located in Idaho with deep family ties in Jalisco, Mexico. Our goal was to bring the best tequila Jalisco has to offer to the United States. In 2015, we interviewed over 90 distilleries in Jalisco, but there was one place that stood out. We found a partner with Master Distiller, Felipe Camarena & El Pandillo Distillery, the highest rated tequila distillery in the world (TequilaMatchmaker.com). They not only make the best tequila in the world, but they are also a fourth generation family-owned business that puts a high priority on traditional and efficient methods, quality, sustainability, and are environmentally friendly. TRADITION + INNOVATION We use historical & traditional methods of making tequila, but we also made some improvements