Eastern Idaho Fishing Report 7/14/23

Henry's Fork: The current flows out of Island Park are 1,370 cfs. Flows have increased recently due to irrigation demand and may continue to increase with the rising temperatures. The upper HF in the Box Canyon area has been day to day, one day it will be fishing decent and the next it has been tough. Nymphing is going to produce the best using a duracell or a dry dropper rig with a golden stone and a pt leggy aka "bowling ball" below. In the Railroad Ranch there are pmd's still going, drakes are pretty much done. Best fishing will be in the mornings on pmds and caddis, in the evenings with flavs. The Warm River-Ashton section is fishing okay. We are seeing caddis and yellow sallies. Using a dry-dropper rig should produce. A large chubby chernobyl pattern in gold or peach color will work for up top and then below you can try using an olive bullet #14, yellow sally nymphs, or olive hot spot #14. Fishing has been best in the mornings, tends to slow down in the afternoon. Flows out of the Ashton reservoir are 2,380 cfs. The lower Henry's Fork is fishing well. We are

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Boise River & Owyhee River Fishing Report 7/14/23

Boise River In-Town: Flows in town are still high and fast, wade cautiously. Streamers and nymphing are the go to. Attractor style nymphs size 16 - 20, like fire starters and hares ears. Midge nymphs are a safe bet as well in black and red like zebra midges. Big articulated streamers have been finding fish in olive, black, and white. Woolley Buggers and Dungeons have been working well. South Fork of the Boise: Flows are currently 1,230 cfs. Still high, but floatable. Salmonflies are phasing out. Goldenstones have been spotted. A hopper dropper rig should produce. For droppers using a fire starter or duracell nymph will work or even using rubber legs for heavier nymph rigs will work too. Owyhee River: Fishing is really on! Prospecting the usual midge nymphs size 18-22. Hopper dropper is finding fish in riffles. Pmds and caddis really coming alive in the afternoon. Zebra Midges, Split Case, San Juan Worm for nymphs. PMD RS2, Stacked Hackle, Sparkle Dun, X Caddis for dries. Have fun and stop by TRR Outfitters in Eagle or call (208) 939-6065 to stock up on some flies, purchase your Owyhee fishing license, or book a guided fishing trip. Owyhee River

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Eastern Idaho Fishing Report, 5/19/23

Henry's Fork: The current flows out of Island Park are 1,260 cfs. Fishing has started to improve but you will still need to dig deep and work hard to catch some fish. You are going to want to have zebra midge variations; black, red, etc., olive bullets #16, toddlers olive and black #14 or #16, and rubber legs. Seems like the best dry fly activity is in the early evenings (5-7pm) with peacock caddis. Streamers may also work in black & olive. Warm River is still high and a little off color but is starting to show some life again. A few salmonflys were spotted flying around the other day. I would be sure to have some salmonflys, March browns, and caddis on you for those fish looking up. I would also have some rubber legs and olive bullets. Henry's Lake has been producing. Small black or red chironomids, small black leeches, and large white articulated steamers have been working when stripped super slow. Be sure to stop by our Island Park Fly Shop for lake flies and our good friends at Drift Lodge to pick up anything you need for Henry's Lake. Feel free to stop by our

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Boise River & Owyhee River Fishing Report, 5/5/23

Boise River In-Town: The Boise River in-town is very high and is unsafe to fish, it is currently around 6,000 cfs. The Boise Fire Department has posted the “Dangerous River Condition” notice. South Fork of the Boise: The South Fork of the Boise River is closed until Memorial Weekend. Owyhee River: Flows are currently at 168 cfs, water is a little off color, and it sounds like flows may be increasing in the next week or so. Nymphing or using a dry dropper seems to be producing the most. For nymphs you can try using a voodoo midge #16 or #18, cardinal midge #16 or #18, holo-point jig in purple, or a split case pmd. Stripping leeches can also be productive in natural tan or black. There have been some midges, blue wings, and some caddis hatching. You can try using an Elk hair caddis #16 or #18. Have fun and stop by TRR Outfitters in Eagle or call (208) 939-6065 to stock up on some flies, purchase your Owyhee fishing license, or book a guided fishing trip. Owyhee River below the Dam Owyhee River near Rome, OR

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