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Volans Ultra Premium Tequila – Our Multi-Award Winning Sipping Tequila

Volans Ultra Premium Tequila Three Rivers Ranch would like to introduce our award winning brand of Tequila:  Volans Tequila. Volans Tequila is the finest handcrafted ultra premium tequila, born in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Slow-cooked, double distilled, using historical & traditional methods that are completely sustainable.  We use only the highest quality and sweetest Blue Weber Agave, and age it for over three and a half years in American White Oak barrels. We are a fourth generation family run business located in Idaho with deep family ties in Jalisco, Mexico. Our goal was to bring the best tequila Jalisco has to offer to the United States. In 2015, we interviewed over 90 distilleries in Jalisco, but there was one place that stood out. We found a partner with Master Distiller, Felipe Camarena & El Pandillo Distillery, the highest rated tequila distillery in the world ( They not only make the best tequila in the world, but they are also a fourth generation family-owned business that puts a high priority on traditional and efficient methods, quality, sustainability, and are environmentally friendly. TRADITION + INNOVATION We use historical & traditional methods of making tequila, but we also made some improvements

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New City, New Water: an angler moves to Boise, Idaho

After living, fishing and guiding in the front range of the beautiful state of Colorado for 16 years the family and I thought it was time to leave the craziness of the Denver metropolitan area. Time to leave the crowded waters of the South Platte drainage. Time to leave the crowded race track and endless traffic jams of the I-70 and I-25 corridor. We thoroughly enjoyed the Colorado lifestyle and have cherished memories and friends there. We set our sights on something a little slower paced. As a family, we decided on the Boise area. It was smaller than Denver, and we had visited a few times and believed it would be a great place to raise our family of 3 kids. Plus we had friends who already lived here that had moved from Denver 6 years earlier. I was excited about our new family adventure and to be hitting new water! The moving truck came and went, and we found ourselves settling into a friendly neighborhood in Eagle, Idaho. Very close to the north channel of the Boise River. The river winds its way west from Lucky Peak through downtown Boise, thru Eagle and eventually running into the Snake

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Boise River Fly Fishing Report – May 4, 20187

Boise River – In Town Fishing Report Flows remain a little high, but they are dropping. If you do decide to fish, use caution where you get in and out, but it’s fishable. Streamers can work well when the water drops this time of year.   So try throwing Coffee’s sparkle minnow, Sculpzilla, Shiela’s sculpin, or your favorite sculpin pattern in natural colors. Best time of day is in the evenings. Mid-day will be good too if you’re nymphing. Try a jig-head pheasant-tail, zebra midge, prince nymphs, or copper johns. The river is still pretty high, and the water is cold, so use extreme caution and be careful! The South Fork of the Boise is closed until Memorial Day weekend.   Stop by or call our Boise Fly Shop for up to date information on where to fish and what to use. (208) 939-6065 Boise River Fish & Game Regulations Boise River – (lower) from the mouth upstream to Lucky Peak Dam Section: From the downstream side of the East Parkcenter Bridge to the upstream side of the West Parkcenter Bridge Trout limit is 2, none under 14 inches All other sections of the lower Boise River – Southwest Region general

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Owyhee River Fishing Report – May 4 2018

Flows are stable at 180 CFS. We think it will stay at this flow or even drop a little due to the non-existent snowpack in the Owyhees. Whatever storage they have they need to save for irrigation this summer. The steady flows mean that PMD’s are just around the corner. We’ve seen a few adults, but we’ve seen mostly caddis and also midges popping in the late afternoon to mid-evening. Blue-winged olives are still around but with the warmer temperatures will slowly fade away. If you do not see anything on top, try a dry-dropper setup with a caddis, parachute Adams, skwala, beetle, or any stimulator pattern on top. Subsurface you’ll focus on variations of zebra midges; black, red, etc., small pheasant tails #18-20, soft hackles, or little baetis nymphs #18 & 20. Streamers can be productive too; white, olive, white/black. Have fun and stop by TRR Outfitters in Eagle to stock up on some flies and to purchase your Owyhee fishing license. Owyhee Reservoir Levels Owyhee River below the Dam Owyhee River near Rome, OR The post Owyhee River Fishing Report – May 4 2018 appeared first on TRR Outfitters.

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Henrys Fork, SF Snake, & Teton Fly Fishing Report – May 3, 2018

Finally!  We are progressing into spring and as most of you, I am chomping at the bit to get out there more often.  In most areas in the West, we are definitely in the middle of runoff and many rivers, both large and small, are high and off color. That being said, the name of the game right now is the Henrys Fork of the Snake River.  Although the water has been increasing both out of Island Park Reservoir and Ashton Dam, the fishing has been fair to good.  Recent reports show large caddis flies and blue wings popping around 1 pm to 2 pm.  The good news regarding is that it usually turns on early in May, and the Henrys Fork Salmon fly hatch is right around the corner. The Teton River has experienced an early runoff as well and is flowing high and off-color.  The good news is that if the warm weather continues, we will conclude the spring runoff earlier this year than in many previous years.  There are people floating and wading the Teton and the ticket has been large flashy streamers and large flashy nymphs like bright pheasant-tails and pink and red worms. The South

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Eastern Idaho Fly Fishing Report – Jan / Feb 2018

As winter rolls along, we have experienced much higher water on the three major rivers fished here in Eastern Idaho. The South Fork of the Snake is the most prominent example as the winter flows from Palisades Reservoir (still hovering around 90% full) are higher than in many recent years for this time of year. Unfortunately, many of us look forward to fishing the South Fork in winter as the flows are usually around 1,000 CFS. Last week they bumped the levels to nearly 3,500 CFS, and it is impossible to walk and wade the usual haunts. The boat put-ins are pretty much closed, so the South Fork has been a non-issue this 2018 winter. The Teton River, our local jewel here in Teton Valley, has been pretty much frozen for a few weeks. The determined angler can find open pocket water here and there, but it is few and far between. This is not remarkable for mid-winter, and most know it is not a viable location for this time of year unless you are shooting at ducks. The good news this winter has been the Henry’s Fork, and many anglers are taking advantage of near-regular flows for mid to

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Henry’s Fork Fishing Report – January 2018

Lower Section (Ashton downstream):  Nymph fish in the early or late part of the day. Look for rising fish on midges in afternoon during the warmest part of the day. Cold nights and mornings have some sections of the river with slush and ice jams floating around. Streamer fishing, Nymphing with possible midge adult dry fly action in mid-afternoon. Upper Section (Ashton Upstream): Nymphing with either stone nymphs or zebra midges with glo-bug egg patterns. Look for rising fish in mid-afternoon on adult midges or clusters. Streamer fishing all day is an option as well. Slower stripping! Cold nights and mornings have slush and ice jams floating around on certain sections of the river. Weather Outlook:  Snowy with Colder temps. Upper 20’s for highs and teens & single digits for the lows.  Dress warmly with lots of layers. Stop by our Ashton Fly Shop to stock up on flies or give us a call at (208) 652-3008 for more fishing info.   Henry's Fork near Island Park, ID Henry's Fork near Ashton, ID The post Henry’s Fork Fishing Report – January 2018 appeared first on TRR Outfitters.

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Boise River Fly Fishing Report – January

The South Fork of the Boise is at its normal winter flows of 302 CFS. We are seeing some good baetis hatches along with a few midges in the mid-afternoon and evenings depending on the day. Nymphing has been the most productive technique, try using a stonefly pattern like a rubber leg or leech with a small pheasant tail, zebra midge, or copper john as a dropper. Streamer fishing has picked up in the deeper holes with natural colored sculpin patterns and baitfish patterns. Remember it’s barbless single hook only on this stretch of river. TIPS:  Look for those overcast, rainy days for the best late fall Baetis hatches. Stop by or call our Boise Fly Shop for up to date information on where to fish and what to use. (208) 939-6065   Boise River - In Town @ Glenwood Bridge South Fork of the Boise @ Anderson Ranch Dam The post Boise River Fly Fishing Report – January appeared first on TRR Outfitters.

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Owyhee River Fishing Report – January

With flows at around 38cfs, you’ll be doing a lot of stalking for mid-afternoon risers keying in on small Baetis and Midges. This time of the year we try and give the river a break since the Browns are in post spawn and some can still be seen guarding redds. Even though the spawn is mostly done, by walking through the riffles, and trampling through redds can still damage the eggs. That being said, it can still be a great winter fishery on the right day. If you’re not seeing any top activity, try running shallow rigs of zebra midges, hares ears, and Baetis emerger nymphs, all in sizes 16-22. Fish long leaders of 5x or 6x in the 10-12 foot range for best results when targeting those risers. Also, I like to fish small foam indicators with shallow light rigs to effectively fish this small water. Watch out for Redds as a lot of the shallow gravel zones will have them. Please do not target fish on redds. Good Luck! **There are only a few months until spring fishing on the ‘O’, hope this two-fer get you excited!  It does me! Owyhee River below the Dam Owyhee River near

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TRR Outfitters’ 2017 Holiday Guide

What gifts should I get a fly fisherman? Things are getting pretty festive around here, and as we all start to prepare for the holidays, some of you might be racking your brain trying to think what to get the fly fisherman in your life. Our fly shop is full of fantastic gear that any angler would want, but finding that right gift is still tricky. To help prevent the wide-eyed glassy stare when you come in, check out our holiday guide. The Stocking Stuffers We have several fresh off the press new shop t-shirts and sweatshirts. Want to give something extra special? Ask us about our custom options. Hats, hats and more hats. Any fly fisherman will tell you that they cannot have enough hats. Come check out our endless selection of Patagonia, Fishing with Feathers, Rep your Water and Three Rivers Ranch hats. The Essentials The essentials, also known as the socks and underwear of Christmas. Although they may not be the most exciting gifts under the tree they are most important. Come by the shop and have one our guides put together a Tacky Fly box ($24.95) complete with custom nymphs (+Flies up to $70.00) used for fishing our local rivers here

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