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Christmas Sale December 13-16: Free Beer & Wine on Saturday!

Don’t miss out on our Christmas Sale in our Boise Fly Shop located in Downtown Eagle, Idaho.  The sale starts off on Thursday, December 13th and lasts through Sunday, December 16th. Stop by Saturday, December 15th: 11am until 4pm for FREE craft beer, wine, & food! If you’re in the Driggs area, stop in to our Driggs Fly Shop there for the same deals! The post Christmas Sale December 13-16: Free Beer & Wine on Saturday! appeared first on TRR Outfitters.

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Introducing the South Fork Initiative

Many of us, on our adventures in Henry’s Fork country, have also traveled south to explore the South Fork of the Snake River (SFSR). However, during your travels you might not have realized how interconnected flows and management of the Henry’s Fork was to SFSR The SFSR from Palisades Dam to the Henry’s Fork confluence is roughly 60 miles long, supports robust populations of Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Brown Trout, and flows through cottonwood stands, canyons, and a braided flood plain. Management of the SFSR system, especially in regards to water management, can directly affect streamflow in the Henry’s Fork. So, when a group of SFSR outfitters and concerned citizens approached HFF and asked us to expand our brand of research and collaboration to the SFSR, we took note. They expressed concerns about how fluctuations in SFSR flows might be affecting macroinvertebrates and fish populations, about summer water temperatures and fish habitat, and if restoration projects could boost trout populations and the fishing experience, while still meeting irrigation demand. If we look back five, ten, or twenty years, these same questions were being asked about the Henry’s Fork. In fact, understanding the answers to these questions were a

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Eastern Idaho Fly Fishing Report – October 2018

Late fall is in full swing here in Eastern Idaho.  The weather has changed & the Indian summers have given way for October fishing. The key to having a great day is to dress in layers and bring your baetis box. We’re targeting little fall bugs on the  Henry’s Fork,  South Fork of the Snake, and  Teton River. Baetis & October caddis are both being targeted on all three rivers.  If you’re fishing the South Fork of the Snake River we’re also using the occasional grasshopper using the hopper/dropper technique. Subsurface is also highly productive using Zebra Midges #14-18 (black, red, & chocolate), and little pheasant tails (#18-20) for nymphing.  We’ve been having the most success with black & olive colored streamers. Have fun & fish on! South Fork Snake Near Irwin, ID Henry's Fork near Ashton, ID SF Snake near Irwin - River ForecastTeton River AB South Leigh The post Eastern Idaho Fly Fishing Report – October 2018 appeared first on TRR Outfitters.

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The great spring 2018 sediment flush continues to impact water quality and the fishing experience

Main message: The great spring sediment flush we observed earlier this year not only impacted fishing during Memorial Day weekend—by contributing to high flows and turbidity—but has continued to impact the fishing experience from Box Canyon through Riverside this season in two plainly obvious ways: depressed hatches and higher than average amounts of uprooted floating plant material. In addition, the rainy and cloudy weather that contributed to the spring flush may also have contributed to later hatch timing of some species earlier this summer. Recall my blog from June 8 where we quantified the amount of sediment that was flushed out of each reach of the Henry’s Fork, from Island Park Dam to Ashton Dam, during the major runoff events we experienced during April and May. These spring rains brought the highest spring runoff flows in 7 years to the upper Henry’s Fork watershed! Our network of water quality monitors showed that these flows were strong enough to provide a major springtime sediment flush—a natural rhythm of our local hydrology that provides significant benefit to trout and aquatic insect habitat. We’ve seen much higher summertime flows than these in the last 7 years, but what was significant about this spring’s

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Blog in response to Island Park flow transfer on July 15, 2018

Prepared by Melissa Muradian and Jack McLaren What happened? Due to warm water temperatures and low dissolved oxygen in the water at the intake to the Island Park hydroelectric plant, the plant’s aerators have been unable to maintain dissolved oxygen in power plant outflow above the level required by their operating license. Thus, the plant shut down yesterday morning (July 15), and all outflow from Island Park Reservoir was shifted to the bottom-withdrawal gates on the west side of the dam.   How does this affect the river’s water quality? Temperature: Water delivered through the dam gates is from the bottom of the reservoir and as long as thermal stratification remains in the reservoir, the gates will deliver cooler water than the power plant. However, the response we saw in temperature was about 1 ˚C (approx. 2 ˚F) at our IP East sonde. We saw no discernable difference in water temperature by the time that water made it to Pinehaven. Thus the cooler water temps that result from total flow coming out of the gates only last until some point upstream of Pinehaven, and most likely only last until part-way through Box Canyon. Dissolved Oxygen (DO): DO was hovering at

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Owyhee River Fishing Report – May 4 2018

PMD’s have started up in the mid-afternoon.  Nymphing has been most productive. Split-case PMD’s, Zebra Midges, Soft Hackles, & Pheasant Tails. Have fun and stop by TRR Outfitters in Eagle or call (208) 939-6065 to stock up on some flies, purchase your Owyhee fishing license, or book a guided fishing trip. Owyhee Reservoir Levels Owyhee River below the Dam Owyhee River near Rome, OR The post Owyhee River Fishing Report – May 4 2018 appeared first on TRR Outfitters.

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Boise River Fly Fishing Report – July 5, 2018

Boise River – In Town Fishing Report Flows have dropped!  Streamers have been pulling in big fish.  Try sculpin or baitfish patterns.  Nymphing hares ears, pheasant tails, copper johns, or zebra midges. South Fork of the Boise River  Fishing Report Salmon flies have started up the canyon.  Morman crickets have slowed down the topwater game.  Dry Dropper techniques have been working. Chubby to a Girdle Bug, Pheasant Tail, or Zebra Midges. Stop by or call our Boise Fly Shop for up to date information on where to fish and what to use. (208) 939-6065 Boise River Fish & Game Regulations Boise River - In Town @ Glenwood Bridge South Fork of the Boise @ Anderson Ranch Dam The post Boise River Fly Fishing Report – July 5, 2018 appeared first on TRR Outfitters.

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Henrys Fork, SF Snake, & Teton Fly Fishing Report – June 27, 2018

WE ARE HERE! The fishing season for 2018 has kicked off in style and timing. Most watersheds are right on schedule for the middle of June and reports are coming in very positive. Let’s discuss a few of the favorites. The good news is that The South Fork of the Snake has finally started fishing (remember last year? We are an entire month early!) The SF Snake River has experienced ups and downs, regarding the flows, and as of a week ago, they dropped the river to 13,000 CFS. The Palisades Reservoir is hovering at 100% which is why they bumped the flows up to 17,000  CFS (cubic feet per second) yesterday to do some damage-control. I have heard of many guides and private people seeing a ton of Salmon flies on the lower section and up through Conant, so we should see them up top within the week. Golden Stones will also follow this hatch during the next three weeks. The great thing during the next several weeks is that the green drake will also be busting! The Henrys Fork of the Snake River has been the name of the game during the past month. It has been fishing wonderfully

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