Henry’s Fork:

After a long winter filled with lots of snow, the thaw is on, and the snow is melting quickly. The current flows out of Island Park are 624 cfs. It is tough fishing out there right now. With the warmer days we had at the beginning of the week the river is up and off color.

At Warm River, there are plenty of Mother’s Day Caddis coming off, but not many heads up, using rubber legs and smaller bead heads will be the most productive but be sure to have some peacock caddis and parachute Adams on you in case you spot a rising fish.

From Ora to St. Anthony there are blue wings and midges coming off, but again, not many rising fish. Subsurface you will want to focus on zebra midge variations; black, red, etc., olive bullets #16, toddlers olive and black #14 or #16, rubber legs, split case bwo’s #16 or #18. Streamers may also work in black, olive, white, or black/olive.

With rain expected to move in this weekend, stay safe and enjoy!

Feel free to stop by our Ashton Fly Shop for a daily report, 1051 Hwy 20 Ashton, ID 83420 208.652.3008, open 7 days a week 8 am – 5 pm.

*There is some flooding at the Vernon boat ramp, vehicles have been parking on the street.

South Fork:

Flows are currently at 4,500 cfs. The warmer temps have decreased clarity a bit. Nymphing is going to be the most productive with eggs, SJ worms, rubberlegs, and zebra midge variations. There have been some midges and blue wings hatching so be sure to have some blue wings #16 or #18 and some of Doug Gibson’s midges and Griffith’s gnats. Streamers and leeches will also work. The best fishing and conditions will be in the upper sections.

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Teton River:

Runoff has started, and the river is high and very off-color. We look forward to fishing the Teton when flows come down.