Boise River In-Town:

The Boise River in-town is very high and is unsafe to fish, it is currently around 6,000 cfs. The Boise Fire Department has posted the “Dangerous River Condition” notice.

South Fork of the Boise:

The South Fork of the Boise River is closed until Memorial Weekend.

Owyhee River:

Flows are currently at 168 cfs, water is a little off color, and it sounds like flows may be increasing in the next week or so. Nymphing or using a dry dropper seems to be producing the most. For nymphs you can try using a voodoo midge #16 or #18, cardinal midge #16 or #18, holo-point jig in purple, or a split case pmd. Stripping leeches can also be productive in natural tan or black. There have been some midges, blue wings, and some caddis hatching. You can try using an Elk hair caddis #16 or #18.

Have fun and stop by TRR Outfitters in Eagle or call (208) 939-6065 to stock up on some flies, purchase your Owyhee fishing license, or book a guided fishing trip.

USGS Water-data graph for site 13183000Owyhee River below the Dam

USGS Water-data graph for site 13181000Owyhee River near Rome, OR