The Henry’s Fork Watershed Council, as well as the larger water-management community in Idaho, lost long-time participant Stan Clark, who passed away in his sleep on February 9 at age 89.

Stan at a Henry’s Fork Watershed Council meeting in 1995.

Stan grew up on the family farm south of Ashton, where he subsequently farmed, ranched, and raised his family. Active in water management until the day he passed, Stan participated in the Watershed Council since its inception in 1993 and was a former member of the Committee of Nine, the advisory body for Water District 01. He also served as Chair of the Marysville Ditch Company and was appointed in 2000 by then-Governor Dirk Kempthorne as liaison between the governor’s office and the Idaho Department of Water Resources. More recently, Stan was active in the Eastern Idaho Water Rights Coalition and served on the board of Recharge Development Corporation.    

Stan was known for his thoughtful, respectful, and insightful input at Watershed Council meetings and other venues. Always an optimist, Stan brought a smile, years of experience, and humorous accounts of earlier days to every meeting. I knew Stan for over 20 years and considered him a mentor. Stan’s knowledge and pragmatism influenced my career and thinking about water, in turn influencing HFF’s work in water management and that of the young professionals that I have mentored.

Stan created a memorable moment at a Watershed Council community-building session in the 1990s when he observed that “there is nothing better than seeing the sun rise over the Tetons, with a good horse under me and good cattle in front of me.” May Stan forever have a good horse under him.

Photo of Stan Clark on a Watershed Council field trip.

Sherri Parkinson and Stan Clark on the Watershed Council field trip, August 2013.