Spring is here and so are the first hatches of 2017. About a week ago there were rumors of caddis hatching on the lower Henry’s Fork, and after two float trips last weekend, I am happy to confirm this was true. To prove that we aren’t just robotic scientists that make figures and crunch numbers all day and that every so often we are able to get out and enjoy time on the river that we advocate for, here are some photos and videos from the weekend.



Ben nymphing up this beauty of a sucker before the hatch got underway. Great job, Ben!


Hatch was heating up.


Mats of caddis in the eddies and along the banks.


Plump Brown caught slurping caddis.


Clouds of caddis when the wind died down.


I need longer arms to turn the 17 incher into a 20+ incher.


Also, found a couple of these guys at the Buffalo River fish ladder today (May 5th) …

If you want to learn more about our macroinvertebrate on the Henry’s Fork, check out Rob Van Kirk’s blog explaining and summarizing our macroinvertebrate research.