Henry’s Fork – Lower River  (Below Ashton)

Blue Winged Olives are the name of the game now!  All life cycles.  Mahogany Duns, Pseudos, & Streamers.  There is no real ‘best time of the day’, so any part of the day is the best.  Weather also plays a huge part; when cloud cover is around, tie on a streamer.

Henry’s Fork – Upper River  (Above Ashton)

Nymphing dry droppers and streamers will be most effective above Ashton this week.  Pay attention to weather patterns, tie on a streamer when cloudy.  Blue Windged Olive, Mahogany Duns, Pseudos, Streamers.

Stop by or call our Henry’s Fork Fly Shop (208) 652-3008 for additional details about patterns and the ever changing conditions.

Fly Fishing Tip of the Month

The drift is everything.  A clean drag free drift will result in more fish to the net!  It’s all about the 3 P’s of fly fishing… presentation, presentation, presentation.

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